Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Flights and New BFFs

I'm blogging a few 100 miles from Melbourne in darkness as its a night flight bound for Dubai.  Just realised I had 10mb of free internet and why not use it aye?  I have 14 hours of flight time to Dubai transitting to a connecting flight to London.  Let me tell you about my flight so far.

I don't know about you guys but do you tend to make friends with your passenger neighbour?  Or maybe not make friends but inadvertently start a 2 casual minute conversation which lasts for the rest of the four hour flight?  The most worrying thing is that we have two more flights together so another 21 hours đŸ˜łđŸ˜±

I can tell you her kids names, their kids names and the spouses and partners. A (that's her name) and second husband S have 4 grown children between them from previous marriages.  One daughter lives in NZ and has just started a probiotic business with her husband which they intended for cows but now using horses and the business has just boomed...in Miami America.  Son in law A has flown a few times already in the last 6 months to Miami for business but he has been having problems with his mum who is very clingy and facetimes her son twice a day.  Not month, not week but day much to her daughter in laws dismay and annoyance.  The daughter by the way somehow has the same FaceTime name as her husband so when MIL (mother in law) calls she sees it too.  The son on the husbands side lived with them for 7 months estranged from his wife who also has issues with her mother.  I'm happy to report though that everything's been patched up and they are back to being a normal family except that Mother in law often invites herself daily to 'hang out' with the family which intrudes on the family time.

Oooh and some scandal - she, her current husband and his ex wife all taught at the same school and the headteacher asked her and current husband to leave for fear of the ex wife kicking up a fuss...and don't get me started on the grandchildren lol 

And like I said that was just the first 4 hours and only about 1/4 of what she's told me.  I need to sign off now and pretend to sleep, she's just woken to go to the loo.  I don't mind listening as she seems to enjoy talking to me but I don't know about 21 more hours of it.  Or I could just start on the wine and settle in for the inevitable haha Why does this always happen to me!  Excuse the spelling etc, typing fast before my data runs out lol.