Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Huffing and puffing

Isn't it weird how we just gain weight from looking at food?  It's like a symbiotic relationship - it just absorbs itself to the butt and stomach.  What kind of dark magic is this? 

Be gone dark magic BE GONE!

And just like that my stomach abs appeared, my cheek bones revealed themselves and that curvey little number fit just right on the derrière.

Oh I wish I wish I wish.

I started excising again.  And believe it or not weight loss wasn't the motivator!  Who would've thunk it?  Definitely not me that's for sure.  Since the dawn of my time here on God's green earth I've only exercised in an attempt at exorcising my fat demons.  I've dreamt of wanting to want and enjoy exercise but like many dreams of mine this one has been eluding me for some time...can't quite put my finger on it...

So I'm reacquainting myself with some old friends to keep me out of trouble on my slow days at the office.  Its funny, I must have turned 35 and hit my head hard on something (perhaps my conscience?)  because suddenly I'm all about having a healthy heart.  What now? Healthy?  Yes indeed friends,  apparently being a slob isn't half as fabulous as the label on the tin makes it out to be - and after my 35 years of exhaustive research I think I can safely say, I'm an expert on this ;)

Monday, 23 February 2015

Hoping against the odds

Another family member has Cancer, this time it's of the bile duct area - the doctors say it's one of the worst and rarest types in the UK with only around 1,000 people diagnosed a year.  We just battled breast cancer with mum and now this within 2 years.  Cancer you're an arrogant swine.

All I can think of are my nephew and niece who are only 14, not ready, not equipped, not yet 15...not yet.  Not Yet! It's not time.  

He's been in hospital for two weeks, everything in his body seems to be failing this week and the kicker?  He just had the diagnosis confirmed four short months ago.  Today he's had a tracheotomy after being on a ventilator for three days.  His kidney and liver aren't responding to treatment and the Doctors don't know if it's the Cancer or just a low immune system from the chemo that's causing the problems.  The doctors aren't hopeful and have mentioned that his brain function will be compromised coming off the ventilator.  They make it sound and seem so hopeless. If the odds are stacked against him, then the only way is up right?  So I'm going to hope, pray and keep my blind Faith because I'm not done yet.  I'm not done hoping and praying, not when my nephew and niece sound so hopeless and lost.  

Hope, Pray and keep the Faith. Repeat.