Monday, 19 January 2015

From the Middle East Desert to the Idyllic Middle Earth

Once upon a day, I sat down to write and write I did.  I wrote, I finessed, I edited and then I saved as a draft  and logged out.

Scrolling though all these draft posts, I'm surprised at how insightful they are and immediately drawn to how well written every post is, so ahead of it's time!  The writer(me in case it's not clear) certainly has a depth of passion and engaging intelligence rarely seen in online writing....said No.One.Ever :)

It amuses me going through these many drafts and what I thought was so important that I had to get it down in words - and then not publish the post but hit save to draft instead hahaha obviously I was too hung up on other peoples perception of my point of view or it was a venting post meant to let off steam...much like those emails you write in anger in response to something that's p*ssed you off hugely and a day later delete without sending, or is that just me?