Monday, 9 July 2012

Hello there from Paradise...a beach even!

So I arrived home almost 2 months ago (I'm still here by the way) and was greeted as expected with a gazzilion "any kids yet?" blah blah blah questions.  Haven't been too fazed by it except a couple of times when the person asking did it in such a demeaning manner I was THIS CLOSE to slapping the grin first off his, then her face and then reversing over their big toe.  Anyway, I took deep breaths, smiled and asked them if their separation was permanent...oh oops, your wife/husband didn't tell you yet?  Damn, sorry about my big mouth...moving on, moving on.

Penguin boy arrived into Paradise a week after and we spent 3 long very relaxing weeks of doing absolutely nothing.  We didn't plan anything, we didn't go away to Savai'i even though it's our favourite thing to do.  We didn't even go to the beach - NADA.  We just took a break from life and from schedules and people and work.  We left our office numbers off the entire time and spent time on the internet doing fun things :)  They were some great times!  We're planning on being back here the end of December anyway, so decided we'd do the other fun things like beach, Savai'i and all that then.

We had a class reunion, it's been 15 years - some people's personalities have changed, some haven't and others look exactly as they did back in school.  It was fun, one of the girls called me hyper - so yeah, looks like I haven't changed a bit, yay...although there is the increase of love handles, but no matter that's why I wore a loose shift dress ;)  I rocked up to the reunion wondering who everyone married, what everyone did after school and excited to catch up with so many old friends.  Only three of us thought it was okay to bring our spouse, the other two brought their wives who were great to hang around with (lovely lasses if I say so myself)  Penguin Boy isn't local so he was very much the odd one out but he did me proud.  Wore a red shirt, played pool with the boys, sang karaoke and got drunk.  He doesn't get drunk, let alone drink alcohol very often so it was funny and nice to see him really letting his hair down, nice to know he was apparently a hit with the boys.