Wednesday, 2 May 2012

As I prepare to go home...

One question I am dreading like someone being made to walk the plank is "do you have any kids yet?"  Even though every Sala, Sieni and Peleta in the whole village knows that of course we don't have any churrens of the corn, the seed's get planted but the crop has yet to be harvested *sigh*.  Once upon a time you could be forgiven your ignorance because when you lived on the other side of the world, you really did need to send a telegraph for birthdays and special announcements.  Now there's the wireless via FB and the poponut network spanning oceans and oceans of foreign lands.  The astonishing speed at which news travels from Samoa to Europe before the body's cold is in my lowly non scientific opinion the ultimate definition of speed of lightening, very very balardy frightening :P 

I love my malo peoples but boy can they be insensitive, I definitely need some quirky replies if only to make myself laugh!  Maybe I should write "No Churrens yet" in Black marker across my forehead but then again, that would be lost amongst the new suspicions that there's a new Eveliga in town lol.

What to do, what to do *shakes head*