Saturday, 17 March 2012

Oh wow, still 9 followers...

I am most possibly the worst blogger in the world.  I update very little and I don't even have children as an excuse.  So I was thinking - there's lots of stuff that goes through my head (like normal people) and instead of trying to make sense of it, justify myself or really give 2 ticks about anyone else, I will blog status it...I mean, why not?  I like you guys more than 490 friends I have on Facebook and I know I care more about what happens to you all :)  Plus I am on Facebook about 3 times a week...oi sorry, did I say week?  okay okay, 3 times a day *looks mildly embarrassed*  In any case some of the statuses I would like to share that don't need  long 5 paragraph details as is common in all my posts can be a little bit to the point for some of the less strong of heart and younger generation and perhaps too much information...but oh the wonderful feeling of just saying what's on your mind without today's status

Taking your bra off at the end of an extremely long sweaty day, is quite possibly one of the best feelings ever!  *happy sigh*

Have a great weekend lovely people!

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Let me whisper something into your ear.

I'm scared.

I'm terrified of what I may never know.

but how do I know the pain of losing you if I have never known you.

That deafening silence?  it's me screaming,

and all the wishing in the world, all the finger crossing, all the sitting on the edge of the bath tub

all the humming, the smiling, the pretending...none of it drowns it out.

False hope, hope's hope, blind faith, finding faith - none seem to give me comfort today.

I want to risk the threat of losing you because I know that loving you even for a glimpse, would make it infinitely worth it.

But first I have to know you.