Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Be my Valentine?

*Warning Profanity alert!

Some of us celebrate it, some of us don't.  Some hate Valentines, some go absolutely ballistic over it.  We fall into the category of non celebrants but we don't judge those who do because it's still cute (and a little nauseating) to watch others in full spirit.  For my gorgeous friend who is single this Valentines day for the first time in years and is wallowing in her own misery lol ...

Whatever you do, hope you have a great day none the less :)


  1. Obviously am not busy at work so am enjoying your blog!! Yep - Valentine is never huge for me either - so am not at loss this year! Love You Darling!! Maria

  2. Yea my hubby and I never really made a huge deal of Valentine's Day. Even less of it after we were married because it's his Mother's Bday so we usually ended up doing Bday stuff instead of couples stuff.