Monday, 9 January 2012

Bye Bye Christmas

Yesterday we took down the Christmas decorations, it being bad luck to keep them up after 7th January and all - well that was a big fail, seeing as yesterday was the 8th.  Lucky for us we're not superstitious and nor are we Catholic.  Naughtily, it's just convenient for me to use that tradition as a very handy time frame to get penguin boy into action and up that ladder to pack up all the decorations.  Works a treat, just in case you were wondering :)

The problem I now face is how to convince him that the 2 and a half hours we spent taking everything down was worth it.  Of course to me who lovingly unwrapped the wreaths from the banister to carefully wrapping up the various ceramic figures and ginger houses, it was definitely worth it.  The house looked so gay and colourful, it was inviting and homely.  To him he just saw "stuff" in boxes until the house was finally decorated and he along with the rest of us, oohed and ahhed over our efforts (mostly my sister's best friend Patty's efforts who was over on holiday).

So anyway he's being a drama queen, something about 2 and half hours of his evening and his life lost forever to taking down Christmas decorations blah blah, was it worth having them up yada yada.  After the magic of Christmas it just feels like hard work to him, my poor deluded honey - if he thinks that's hard work, wait till we have kids it'll probably take 6 hours to take them down hahahaha - I'll keep that tid bit to myself, he'll probably boycott Christmas altogether if he hears that ;)  Am I the only gal with a hubby allergic to excitement and enthusiasm? Anyway, here's a couple of pictures I'll show penguin boy come early November to remind him how great it looked last year.  I've got tons of photos but I won't bore you with all of them  :)

The tree all finished

This is my nephew who was visiting from Samoa.  I cannot describe how much I love him and just how much I miss him when we're not together.

The mirror in the hallway when you enter through the front door - I bought those lights for Halloween, red and dark but they looked fab for Christmas too lol

The bannister which Patty painstakingly put together - he's a little genius especially as all the wreaths were home made!

That's a close up of my nephews advent calendar - he'd never had one before and watching him run down every morning to eat that days sweetie was so cute.


  1. Hi Betty. Just admiring your lovely Christmas decor. I love the banister! And don't worry before we had kids my hubby used to wonder what all the excitement was all about when it came to my Christmas tree and decorating. After we had kids he saw the excitement in a child's eyes when the decorations come out sparking the anticipation of Christmas Day. He gets it now.

    And I just know you will love Pinterest just from this post. Could you leave me your email addy so I can send that invite over.

  2. Betty..... Love the decorations! Glad you had your nephew to bring that special touch of Christmas that we adults sometimes lose in the hustle and bustle of getting the right gifts etc. Absolutely love the pics... :). It's good thing you decided to do the tree! :)

  3. NOICE!!! apart from our christmas tree which I managed to get the kids to put up a few days before Christmas Day, I only had a cute little christmas wreath that swung around in the breeze near the front door!! lol. LOVIN how you have decorated throughout the house - looks fantastic!! No wonder it took so long to pack away!!

  4. aw Nets...makes me seriously consider spending christmas at yours this year!!! I love it! but im sure Fatu had more fun with all the festive fanfare and lights! ...looking forward to this years one!

  5. LOL thanks everyone! I LOVE Christmas - the midnight service, the decorations everything, much to my husbands dismay ;)

    Goddess, Fatu was this little tornado - couldn't keep him still he had his hand in EVERYTHING which er, slowed down things a lot haha.

    Reenie :) that's the one I use for all my junk mail - I'll email you my personal email addy from there once I receive yours, thanks hun.