Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Mission Impossible - wasn't bad at all

We went to the cinema and watched Mission Impossible tonight in Gold Class. Gold Class is exclusive, has lazy boy seats, hot food and waiter service at the simple push of a button...disgusting way to see a film I tell you ;)

I must say I was pleasantly surprised - didn't think it was going to be worth the extra mula for the tickets.  It helped that I went into the cinema with absolutely no expectations, none at all, if anything I had a few prejudices against short man Tommy Cruise but I came away with no complaints.  Can he stop looking like he never ages?  He's 49 (thanks Wiki) and watching him arch, jump, toss his full head of hair (I was watching the movie, honest!) you'd be forgiven for mistaking him as a young 20 year old like moi ;) 

Although I enjoyed all the characters, my favourite was Simon Pegg.  Just the way he delivers his lines, his little mannerisms HE-LA-RIOUS.  He was fantastic in titles like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and so cute, tiny and ginger that it makes you want to pick him up and pop him in your pocket.  The kind of toy you took to school as a kid and proudly pulled out with a "LOOK at what I have!" (Not if you were me though, because er, our toys were more like 5 stones to play aki with).

Jeremy Renner didn't do it for me like he did in Hurt Locker.  But I was thinking on the way home, suppose that's the effect his character was meant to have on me. Imagine a group of close knit friends of say the netball club and one of them brings along someone new from the chess club.  No one knows anything about this person and it's not like their worlds would cross so there would seem to be few similarities and things in common. There's bound to be a bit of awkwardness right?  Anyway he was the odd one out with a little secret of his own which only made him stand out at an odd 146 degree angle so if that was the intention of his character, I was soooo in the zone there.

The biggest part I loved was recognising one of the major locations(our current home) It was nice to watch and think to myself, hey that's where we have brunch, I've been to the top of that and yep sand storms can be a biatch...though in truth, I've never actually been in one as bad as that or with better timing - just as the baddie needs to get away from said hero of film, a blanket of gnarling sand conveniently drops in for a quick hello in time to blind and disorientate hero which leads to the baddie managing to slip out of the hero's grasp for the umpteenth time thus creating an opportunity for yet another duel session and adding another 20 minutes to the film :)  

Anyway, long and short of it is, you should go see it, it's rather enjoyable :)


  1. I enjoyed it too. And I like seeing an 'older' actor still going strong. And umm...lookin rather hot, lol. I not a mission impossible series fan but this one was alright.

  2. He was quite dishy ;) I liked all the movies, but it's not a series I would go to the cinema and watch - I'd normally wait and buy the dvd.