Monday, 10 October 2011

No more RWC Fever

My heart broke when Samoa lost to South Africa in their last pool game almost 2 weeks ago.

I'm writing now because, well I'm pretty  much over it.  Built a wooden bridge and slowly trudged over it with a slingshot in my hand lest I met Nigel Owen's going the opposite way :)  There are much more heart breaking things happening out there, losing a rugby game is utterly inconsequential in comparison.

We lost the game and we're now in all the newspapers left right and centre thanks to Eliota Sapolu for his never ending tweeting rants.  The guy has a message and he wants it out there for all to hear, read and re tweet.  Fair enough, it's not like he doesn't have a point...I don't have to like the guy to see that much.

Samoa Rugby union is in the doghouse and all that remains is to see if all this hoopla goes anywhere.  Speaking of being in the doghouse IRB isn't faring too well either with all their inconsistencies from match scheduling, disciplinary hearings, player interviews after games to just general unfair behaviour - but let's see if anything happens from all that hoorah as well, talk is cheap unless something happens from that

In other news, Penguin Betty has been rather shite at updating ;)


  1. Hi Betty! Wow..I thought I was the only one that stayed away from blogging because of that game! Lucky for Owens building a bridge to Wales is too expensive!

    Well.. I guess what happened to Samoa is now opening up a whole lot of can of worms! Every day theres something new to read about regarding the IRB or RWC and now the SRU. Looks like Shwalger really gave it to the SRU...well mainly the Manager. Pity that the players were almost just discarded like that after they lost to Wales. Tsk tsk...

    Would be interesting what comes out of Eliota's hearing.

  2. Yes, that's the story of my life, way too emotional - I get to the point where I can say what I want to write but can't write what I want to say = no blog entry for a month! LOL @ bridge to Wales - just a little expensive aye? heh heh.

    I'm very interested in Eliota's hearing to see how the IRB will handle this as it sets a precedance and I wonder if it's one they can compromise with at all.

    Hope you're well girl!

  3. LOL@ "say what I want to write but can't write what I want to say." Isn't that the truth? There are all these thoughts that's running through your head and then when it comes to writing it down....better not. Yes..been there done that! LOL.

    I'm well thanks! I think the RWC but especially the Manu helped me get over it. Still not completely over it.. still building that bridge. LOL

    Looking forward to reading more from that side of the world! :)