Tuesday, 25 October 2011


About 5 minutes ago, I found out that I work with a couple of bigots.

It's taken me 5 long minutes to calm myself down and not walk over to them and knock their heads together.

Their conversation of "I don't mind gay men, I just hate when they show it in public or right in your face" and "I don't mind 2 women kissing as I do 2 men" has just ruined my afternoon.  The more shocking is a 28 year Polish girl who joined the company 3 weeks ago - for some stupid reason, I just thought her age would lend to a more understanding and accepting nature, she's travelled around and seen things but I guess not.

They were talking about how disgusting it was when two guys made out in public and I pointed out that it's exactly the same with heterosexual couples who go over the top so why single out gay men couples?  Why not just say couples who go over the top with their public displays of affection?  When they say that they love gay men who are gay but keep it private in their own homes, it disgusts me.

It's so judgemental and bloody oppressive. UGH


  1. I agree. Bigotry is always disturbing to encounter, esp from those close to us. For me -Excessive PDA from any couple is vaguely annoying/embarassing - esp for me as a Samoan raised to think that stuff is a big NO NO in public. Thats my own cultural values coming out there, lol. But certainly not directed more towards gay couples or heterosexual.

  2. Same here, brought up the way we have been, PDA is a big no no so I'm uncomfortable at the best of times and I'm not talking a peck on the cheek or holding hands but the erm pretty much doing the deed ewwww lol it shouldn't be directed more at Gay couples because they are gay it should just be aimed to the general population guilty of it grrrrr ;)