Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Halloweening it

We're having a Halloween party this Friday...WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING??

Besides it having been nothing but Rugby World Cup these last 6 weeks, I've been inundated with guests, organising farewells, BBQs, parties and such.  Why did I think this was such a good idea (please someone with a heart shoot me!)  I have literally been living and breathing organising one event or another the last 2 months with little help because everyone seems sooooo busy with their own lives, just not too busy to turn up, get on the piss and have a jolly good time of it.

I do love organising parties and Halloween is just so much fun, a special time to scare the living daylights out of people but I may have just bitten off more than I can chew.  Not that we grew up with Halloween, but any excuse to dress up and dance the night away eh?  So far 30 adults and 9 children are confirmed to be coming, drinks are sorted so at least they'll be roaring drunk and I'm sticking to finger foods...which is freaking me out since I usually go stupid and cook 4/5 main dishes with several sides and desserts...from scratch, no store bought ready made meals for this stubborn and idiotic penguin. *breathes into paper bag*

And then there's the decorations!  You know that feeling of excitement with a mixture of foreboding because you know what look and feel you want to achieve but you don't know if you have the time to pull it off, oh you know because you have a job, other events to organise and finding the ever elusive nemo?  That's me in a jelly mould and I'm slowly slipping off the plate and heading straight for the floor - SPLAT!  

My friends, it's times like this that I miss (ever so slightly) being a full time desperate housewife - this part time working and part time domestic goddess/slave is not working too well right now.  Time for a trip away - preferably to another country or maybe I need a holiday from my own crazy head!  

Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed I don't lose it ;)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


About 5 minutes ago, I found out that I work with a couple of bigots.

It's taken me 5 long minutes to calm myself down and not walk over to them and knock their heads together.

Their conversation of "I don't mind gay men, I just hate when they show it in public or right in your face" and "I don't mind 2 women kissing as I do 2 men" has just ruined my afternoon.  The more shocking is a 28 year Polish girl who joined the company 3 weeks ago - for some stupid reason, I just thought her age would lend to a more understanding and accepting nature, she's travelled around and seen things but I guess not.

They were talking about how disgusting it was when two guys made out in public and I pointed out that it's exactly the same with heterosexual couples who go over the top so why single out gay men couples?  Why not just say couples who go over the top with their public displays of affection?  When they say that they love gay men who are gay but keep it private in their own homes, it disgusts me.

It's so judgemental and bloody oppressive. UGH

Monday, 10 October 2011

I have to share this awesome video made by the Go The Manu team(never mind I've already shared it about 3 times on my FB page lol) a fan page on Facebook which I have spent many hours of the last  month posting to, laughing at updates and generally keeping me in a hyped up mood about the RWC.  Just want to say thank you to Twayne, Sita and Faautu for a job well done and I hope the support carries into the IRB Sevens circuit...we may win again this year!!

"Give Thanks and Praise to the Lord and I will feel alright"

No more RWC Fever

My heart broke when Samoa lost to South Africa in their last pool game almost 2 weeks ago.

I'm writing now because, well I'm pretty  much over it.  Built a wooden bridge and slowly trudged over it with a slingshot in my hand lest I met Nigel Owen's going the opposite way :)  There are much more heart breaking things happening out there, losing a rugby game is utterly inconsequential in comparison.

We lost the game and we're now in all the newspapers left right and centre thanks to Eliota Sapolu for his never ending tweeting rants.  The guy has a message and he wants it out there for all to hear, read and re tweet.  Fair enough, it's not like he doesn't have a point...I don't have to like the guy to see that much.

Samoa Rugby union is in the doghouse and all that remains is to see if all this hoopla goes anywhere.  Speaking of being in the doghouse IRB isn't faring too well either with all their inconsistencies from match scheduling, disciplinary hearings, player interviews after games to just general unfair behaviour - but let's see if anything happens from all that hoorah as well, talk is cheap unless something happens from that

In other news, Penguin Betty has been rather shite at updating ;)