Thursday, 8 September 2011

Penniless penguin

The hubster has gone all "you need to start saving" on my a*se and it doesn't make for a pretty picture.

He's also doing the entire be accountable for your spending thing *sob* *sob*

Our debit cards sometimes don't work here because our bank is a bit hopeless like that so we have to use our credit cards.  At the end of every month the credit card bill comes in and out goes our payment and back to zero goes the card.  Our account manager called us to remind us that the credit facility we have allows us to spend up to stupid amounts(enough to buy a small investment apartment in UK..stupid amounts!!) on the card and earn lots of different points.  Of course we said no thank you you scheming little rat (maybe not as nice as that ;))

Anyway, a couple of weeks after this call hubster turns to me and tells me that I could save lots of money if I wanted to.  How I asked already thinking of the wonderful books, the travel, the house furnishings I would buy.  Imagine my crestfallen face when he says to me "well if you had to pay the credit card bill instead of it coming out of our account, you'd probably think twice about all the things you buy"

So I thought about it and actually it sounded easy!  Just don't spend on the credit card, withdraw cash from debit card, if the place won't take my debit card don't be lazy and find an ATM to take the cash out instead of using the CC and voila, she'll be right.  I agreed that we'd try it for 4 months and both our monthly allowances were increased, yippee!  The only catch, we're only allowed the allowances from September onwards so both our personal accounts were emptied to make it fair.

Beginning of this month, hubster says to me okay don't forget we're starting our little project now beginning with August's CC bill...well you never guess what?  I went to Europe for 2 weeks and for the last 2 weeks of August I was updating little bits and peices here and there.  So Rich sends me an email with a spreadsheet and there in lovely big numbers is how much allowance I have left after August's shenanigans.... 0.00 and it would have taken some doing to get to those 3 noughts.

It's going to be a biznitch of a month.  A poor biznitch of a month and it doesn't help that R is playing "all by myself" on the organ downstairs whilst I fight the temptation to ask for my "other" money.  Looks like I'll be blogging lots since I won't have any social life to speak of.


  1. I'll relate to this Betty!!
    We are on the same boat!!
    Back to square 1 we go!! Look at the brighter side - At least you have a Job - I don't!!
    Ia eva mai luga o le Poloka le au leai gi social lives!!

  2. yep, not quitting my job till I have a social life, since this is the only social life I will have this month. I took this job because I was bored and now I'm bored of it oi aueee and hubster is telling me to quit and do my desperate housewife routine...such a brat eh? lol

  3. i too am on the same boat but I havent even done anything fun like you know..things like traveling..auee

  4. My newest predicament is that when I travel or go on holiday the next couple of months I won't be able to go in anything 'nice' shopping just sight seeing and souvenirs but airena bags etc. I want to give in so badly *sigh* BUT I refuse to be beaten and plus R will be giving me those disappointed looks of "I can't believe you couldn't do it" Eh, enough of my complaining - just because I want a new handbag...too much spoilt fo'i legei fanau...though I HATE admitting that ;)