Sunday, 11 September 2011

Need a cold towel - RWC fever in the house

Our household is living, breathing and eating rugby these days.

Even poor R who likes the game but wouldn't give up an entire day watching rugby, did so on Saturday with me and managed to make some witty remarks at the Kiwis on his FB page(which he never uses) when they went on about England's new game kit and the fact that it's black LOL.  You would think the English had committed some serious crime. *yawn*  Excuse me if I think that it's a stupid thing to get your knickers in a twist over....get over it, it's just a uniform and good golly miss molly, if that's the AB's secret weapon for winning the coveted Webb Ellis Cup, then they're screwed mate, because it's not helped them in the past.

If I were the Kiwis, I'd look at it as a compliment on their style, that maybe the English feel they have to play mind games, though even I doubt that.  At the end of the day it's not about what you wear, it's how you play, so everyone needs to take a chill pill, pop open a cold one and enjoy the toned hawt and good looking bodies skills and technique of all those games being played ;)

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  1. I can feel the Rugby Beat and smell it in your household from here!! haha! Look forward to seeing you and Cheer-On together! xo