Saturday, 3 September 2011

Apple make it so hard to resist

It was my birthday recently and one of my presents requires that I have an iTunes account.

And ever since linking my debit card to my iTunes account, it has made it incredibly incredibly easy to just "Buy" apps of necessary but more often than not unnecessary evil...but FUN, oh so fun!  Why is it so easy?  And so shiny, sexy and worst of all, I find it so easy to use which means I LOVE it.

I don't need any more distraction from blogging, I've already had enough of a hiatus since I started again.

Oh the woes of technology!  So utterly time consuming...

Can you recommend any apps I should get? ;)


  1. Talking tom. Pandora. Instagram. The bible. N RWC 2011

  2. got those already! But I can't find an instagram app for iPad :(