Sunday, 11 September 2011

Need a cold towel - RWC fever in the house

Our household is living, breathing and eating rugby these days.

Even poor R who likes the game but wouldn't give up an entire day watching rugby, did so on Saturday with me and managed to make some witty remarks at the Kiwis on his FB page(which he never uses) when they went on about England's new game kit and the fact that it's black LOL.  You would think the English had committed some serious crime. *yawn*  Excuse me if I think that it's a stupid thing to get your knickers in a twist over....get over it, it's just a uniform and good golly miss molly, if that's the AB's secret weapon for winning the coveted Webb Ellis Cup, then they're screwed mate, because it's not helped them in the past.

If I were the Kiwis, I'd look at it as a compliment on their style, that maybe the English feel they have to play mind games, though even I doubt that.  At the end of the day it's not about what you wear, it's how you play, so everyone needs to take a chill pill, pop open a cold one and enjoy the toned hawt and good looking bodies skills and technique of all those games being played ;)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Penniless penguin

The hubster has gone all "you need to start saving" on my a*se and it doesn't make for a pretty picture.

He's also doing the entire be accountable for your spending thing *sob* *sob*

Our debit cards sometimes don't work here because our bank is a bit hopeless like that so we have to use our credit cards.  At the end of every month the credit card bill comes in and out goes our payment and back to zero goes the card.  Our account manager called us to remind us that the credit facility we have allows us to spend up to stupid amounts(enough to buy a small investment apartment in UK..stupid amounts!!) on the card and earn lots of different points.  Of course we said no thank you you scheming little rat (maybe not as nice as that ;))

Anyway, a couple of weeks after this call hubster turns to me and tells me that I could save lots of money if I wanted to.  How I asked already thinking of the wonderful books, the travel, the house furnishings I would buy.  Imagine my crestfallen face when he says to me "well if you had to pay the credit card bill instead of it coming out of our account, you'd probably think twice about all the things you buy"

So I thought about it and actually it sounded easy!  Just don't spend on the credit card, withdraw cash from debit card, if the place won't take my debit card don't be lazy and find an ATM to take the cash out instead of using the CC and voila, she'll be right.  I agreed that we'd try it for 4 months and both our monthly allowances were increased, yippee!  The only catch, we're only allowed the allowances from September onwards so both our personal accounts were emptied to make it fair.

Beginning of this month, hubster says to me okay don't forget we're starting our little project now beginning with August's CC bill...well you never guess what?  I went to Europe for 2 weeks and for the last 2 weeks of August I was updating little bits and peices here and there.  So Rich sends me an email with a spreadsheet and there in lovely big numbers is how much allowance I have left after August's shenanigans.... 0.00 and it would have taken some doing to get to those 3 noughts.

It's going to be a biznitch of a month.  A poor biznitch of a month and it doesn't help that R is playing "all by myself" on the organ downstairs whilst I fight the temptation to ask for my "other" money.  Looks like I'll be blogging lots since I won't have any social life to speak of.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Apple make it so hard to resist

It was my birthday recently and one of my presents requires that I have an iTunes account.

And ever since linking my debit card to my iTunes account, it has made it incredibly incredibly easy to just "Buy" apps of necessary but more often than not unnecessary evil...but FUN, oh so fun!  Why is it so easy?  And so shiny, sexy and worst of all, I find it so easy to use which means I LOVE it.

I don't need any more distraction from blogging, I've already had enough of a hiatus since I started again.

Oh the woes of technology!  So utterly time consuming...

Can you recommend any apps I should get? ;)

Friday, 2 September 2011

Sevens days to the world ;)

The Rugby World Cup is heating up!

And if you haven't yet un-friended me on Facebook from the barrage of RWC related items in your newsfeed, trust me it's only a moment of clarity click away.

I won't bore you with tales of yester-games, the historical significance behind specific games because it'll have been covered so much richer than I could have done justice to.

No, I'm going to tell you about my feelings :) *snooooreeee*

I love the current Manu Samoa team, I like their cohesiveness, their humility and most of all I love that the current theme in all their interviews go something like "We are your team, we play for you our people of Samoa"  I don't remember the team of 2007 being like this.  Of course the public support and the momentum behind the team then was nothing like it is this year but neither were the boys attitudes the same then as they are now.

A few those who played in 2007 are in the 2011 team but there are many new faces who are tearing it up on that field like no ones business and good for them, no one's going to hand them anything on a silver platter.  I'm glad we haven't gone down the route of selection by pity votes, anyone remember Brian Lima's dismal record fifth RWC?  He was past his prime and should never have been given the slot but how do you say no to the claim of having one of your very own sons of Samoa be the first person to play in 5 RWC's?  If you had asked me then, I would have said, quite easily and crossed his name off the selection panel without a second glance.  To add salt to the wound, this very illustrious bid for the record RWC was marred by a dangerous tackle that he made which I am still surprised he wasn't banned for...but hey, what do I know :)

Anyway, I digress back to my original point.  Pity/fai luga le masagi/club bias/nostalgia votes are cruel and unkind to both the players and the supporters.  Whilst some players may find it okay to make the team based on expired performances and his name, fans like myself will never forgive those who made the selection and the player for accepting a position he could not fulfil.  It's not about you, it's about the team and once you make it about an individual I really believe that you set yourself up for a fall, a big one at that.  So far the Samoa camp aren't directing individual attention to one player, the media and the commentators may do and it would be foolish to think that we don't all have our favourites out there but the truth is when you look at the Manu Samoa team, you see a sea of faces of the squad rather then a singular name.  :-)  This I love very much.

I've been following the RWC and our teams progress closely via team members, FB fan pages and the media.  I wasn't prepared for how much crying I would be doing this week.  From the pictures of Go the Manu fans sent in from all corners of this big world to the teams departure from Samoa.  It has just been a steady stream of happy tears, tears of immense pride and amazement at the heart of our people.  The scenes of the team arriving into Auckland airport were amazing.  More than 2000 people had arrived at the airport to welcome their sons and brothers, 2000 people singing, cheering, with toddlers on parents shoulders their faces painted red white and blue.  I think the dam broke loose when the captain Mahonri Schwalger called out "Ia o le tou Manu Samoa lenei"  *sob sob sob* If watching it on links was this overwhelming I can only imagine what it would have been like in that crowd!  I heard there were a few little twerp teenie boppers in the crowd booing the Kapa Haka group who welcomed the team to New Zealand.  Gawd I hate poor sportsmanship with a vengeance and I sincerely hope there won't be only more disrespectful displays like this!  

7 days to go till the opening and I'm not sure how we're going to spend it, leaning towards some nibbles and drinks and plenty of company :)