Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Just look at that, look at how their eyes say they love to play

I love watching clips like this that inflate my sense of something, sense of being, culture, unity, Samoan?  I LOVE the film talent that is emerging as well.  And oh dear, the sea of derrières that need some Zumba classes was depressing, a stark reminder of my own muri that needs to move it, move it.  But don't you just love the singing?  Takes me back to the days of assemblies in the sun, word perfect in tune, hating on the teachers making us sing it over and over and over again because their choir trained ear from their seat in the soprano pew at Church makes them an authority in all things music :/

Troy Polamalu comes across as such a down to earth and humble player even though the little I have read of him tells me he is a superstar :)

I say this all the time but I'll say it again and again, I heart Samoa and regardless of the *pebbles* that happens from there, this girl is a coconut, fob, Manu Samoa loving Samoan through and through with all the hypercritical, culture wielding, illogical, sometimes God Fearing trimmings.  Call me crazy?  Nice to meet you ;)