Sunday, 10 July 2011

One morning I woke up...

Once upon a sandy day in the desert, I realised I wasn't spending enough time in my Dubai flip flops and needed to spend much more quality time with R in one place, maybe start trying for a wee bambino instead of travelling so much.  So I stayed put, only travelling for necessary emergencies you know like, Rugby Sevens circuit.

Fast Forward almost a year and I was bored out of my mind.  I would literally count the minutes on the clock, willing them to move faster to 5.30 when my play date R would finish work and I could organise wonderful excursions for the evening.  Alas, after 12 months it became increasingly apparent that my daily natural high at 5.30pm was not a compatible match for R's natural despair at 5.30 after work.  This I was able to deduce from a few things such as:

  • The length of time I would be waiting for R to change out of his work clothes only to find him fully clothed and snoring in the bedroom.
  • I was encouraged to go out and shop shop shop for my very favourite things in the world - House bits and bobs which led to a house furnishing budget increase - Oh did I go NUTS!
  • The steady increase of television series on our server -  mostly things I loved to watch.

I decided it was high time to job hunt.  When the chance came to work temporarily, I jumped at it.  Admittedly I was a bit reticent as it was R's place of work but since it was only for a few weeks to help the new company get on it's feet, why not?

Ten months later, I'm still working temporarily with the perk of working only 3 days a week that I want (I absolutely refused to work more - I had to fit in the stuff I used to do over 5 days in 2...hard life)  I recently got a 50% pay rise and it came with a shed load of stress and late nights.  The days of answering phone calls and filing are long gone and I now do project managing(badly) office manager(like Hitler) Travel consultant(pretty okay) Public Relations (I think I terrify the Governmental departments, but not on purpose...honest!) Accounts (bwahaha) and a host of all the shite jobs that some daft duck or should I say penguin like me gets shafted with.

Apparently I don't seem to get stressed, cool as a cucumber, that's me...apparently.  We have a sister office in South Africa where they have 20 more employees than us and have 4 different people doing my various roles.  Funny(not of the haha variety) thing is, I still do all the travel, visa and project management for 10 of their consultants.  It's fair to say work takes up a lot of my life and that I am feeling the bloody stress.

So we're going on holiday.  The time's been booked off and we did have a plan, however that's been blown out of the water and hopefully the next time I'm here, I'll be calm and serene because the holiday would have magically sorted itself out and work somehow magically managed to pull the cork out of their...use your imagination ;)


  1. i hope the holiday is still on hun..and yay for wee bambino...

  2. love this post... I am camping by my laptop toda... so thanks for your allowing me to follow your blog... xo