Monday, 11 July 2011

Holiday Plans

From Santorini Greece and Venice Italy, I'm now looking in the complete opposite direction at maybe a resort in Malaysia, Thailand or Syechelles.  I toyed with the idea of NYC or Hawai'i but for the limited 8 days that we have, I don't think we'll scratch the surface of either.

I was getting anxious and stressy trying to make the holiday a perfect blend of culture and relaxation but last night came to a realisation.  We need some alone time to recoup, regather ourselves and rejuvenate.  Living in Dubai has a lot of wonderful attributes but it also saps the life out of you.  Working in this environment is difficult because the working culture is so very different to that which we are used to so holidays are a must.  We haven't taken a holiday in years, we travel a lot but it's not what you would call a holiday.  There's always someone to see, something to attend and things to take care of.  So this is a real holiday for the both of us, a gift from ourselves to each other :)

I'm so excited to finally see what we'll end up choosing!

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