Friday, 8 July 2011

Greetings from head penguin Betty

I used to love blogging. Then I fell into a little rut, a combination of de-motivation, laziness, too much going on and laziness...I said that already? Well it just can't be said enough because boy was I lazy.

So let's start with what all the blog help information tell you to do; something about introducing a theme and aim of my blog. That might prove a bit difficult since I don't really have one. So how about I skip to the why, I'm blogging because I like to chat and here is as good as anywhere. It's somewhere to laugh and despair at myself, about myself and about all those grey areas that I unconsciously wonder into . I live on a desert where friends can be fickle, sometimes in abundance and other times in low supply plus the husband has learnt the old trick of saying yes and appearing interested whilst not listening to anything I say, cunning basket ;) In short this is one of those selfish "all about me" whine about everything and throwing stones whilst living in a glass house types of blogs. What's that you say? Well yes, it does indeed sound like I am going to fit right into the world of blogging...again for the umpteenth time :) Hooray for me!

1 comment:

  1. yay great to have you back on the blogosphere sista:)