Saturday, 9 July 2011

Blog look

I love working on my blog template...My blog name surprise surprise doesn't come with a ready template to use nor does inserting just any old picture do the trick so I'm finally about half way there.  Still need to source some more pics and experiment on the html code but I have a little cheat that I like to pull out now and then.  I call him the R.  Payment for services will be extracted in uninterrupted computer time for certain time period.  I plan on being at the bookshop or baking or perhaps at a Zumba class to keep my side of the bargain. 

I love the clean lines, but I especially like the cute penguin - looks cheeky, a lot like my cousin swissy and the leader of the pack roman savage.  This blog may just make it past the first week, especially as I'm writing, okay since R is writing some of the code, need to make the most of his efforts hey.  

Looking forward to blog stalking like I used to.  I miss the community and the crazy witty-isms by Fagogo Samoa, the rofl she DIDN'T What Really Goes On Under the Coconut Tree and everybody else.  Let the stalking aka procrastination aka wet myself laughing moments begin!


  1. Ok... third time's the charm... was just saying YAY!!! About bloody time and I'm looking forward to frequent entries from the penguin Betty! :)

  2. OMG Betty! I'm so happy I found you, I'm about to burst into tears. And kick Ulalei for not directing me to you sooner. Shat. I'm laughing at your previous post of the unexpected tenant hahahaha.

  3. LOL Hi Coconut girl! Eio that basket tenant, I have a new post about that shat as well lol all in good time. Now I am finished with my taaring for a month or so I shall update with vigor! SO awesome to have you here mwahhhh