Friday, 15 July 2011

The 2 blogs and a Countdown

Not only am I returning to blogging complete with new blog name and theme etc etc etc.  I'm going to run 2 blogs at the same time (hahahaha...but yes I am serious).

The other blog's name has been changed to reflect it's true purpose; the story of our boring lives for our families and friends.  Who knows how long my ADD will be able to handle this new impossible task but I reckon it's worth it, especially with my declining interest in FB of late.  Oooh Blog Status updates - holy cow, what a wonderfully annoying idea ;)

I thought I would start a countdown till no work for 3 weeks(technically no work but the bossman has already  said he may call in an will probably be something along the lines of "Our internet's not working, what do we do?")

5 more sleeps till we go on holiday to Koh Samui Thailand, yippee!

13 more sleeps till Geneva, Switzerland...

14 more Sleeps till Marseille, France...

20 more sleeps till London, UK...

Excited much?!  By the way I think I'm doing a BRILLIANT job limiting my travel and keeping myself occupied in Dubai, doncha think?  I feel like I should be shopping for these trips but I just can't be bovvered.  I detest shopping at the best of times...or at least when it isn't shopping for others.  I was looking through my swimming cossies and wow what a dismal collection!  So on top of my holiday book dilemma, I have a rubbish collection of swimming costumes and no summer dresses which means I may need to sacrifice some of my weekend shopping when I could be doing soul searching things like an appointment at tips and toes or watching an episode of The Good Wife.  Difficult decisions for this part time desperate housewife.  I may need to sleep on it and see what the morning brings :)


  1. Reading this just gave me a fuzzy and warm feeling inside. *sighs* Exactly the thing I need to zap this damn PMS...13 sleeps baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oka kai nice lou itinerary...
    note to self..need to find a rich man soon to take me to Greece and can only dream..

    good luck with the decision making..i say "do all of the above" (tippy toes, shopping, good wife etc etc)