Monday, 18 July 2011

Leaving it too late and love of a game

Last month, when I confirmed I was going to be in Samoa end of September I made a mental note to buy tickets for a couple of Manu Samoa's games for the Rugby World Cup, then I did what I always do...I forgot.  I remembered just this past Friday when I set my alarm for Samoa vs Australia game the following day on Saturday but did my classic, I'll do it later.

Following the fantastic victory by our boys in blue over the Wallabies, everyone has been snatching up tickets and now all the tickets for Samoa vs South Africa, one of the main games I wanted to see are all sold out...ARRGHHHHHHHHHH.  To say I am p*ssed off is an understatement.

I've got my ticket for the Wales game, waiting on a Fijian friend to find out where he is sitting for the Samoa vs Fiji game so I can sit with him...I don't know any friends who will be at the RWC.  Four years ago, I went to the world cup in France 2007 with my cousins and made some new life friends.  None of them will be there and although it's probably going to be a little lonely on my own, I'd rather be there alone and watching the Manu on my own than not at all.  

I love Rugby with a passion and mostly when my Samoan boys play.  I grew up making sandwiches at 5am for the Moata'a rugby boys who have produced some great Manu players in their time and continue to do so today.  It didn't matter how early it was on a Saturday morning, we'd be in the kitchen with my mum, dad and sister (my younger siblings could not be trusted with handling food that early in the morning, plus they must have only been 4 and 9) boiling eggs, mashing elegi with mayonnaise, spooning spaghetti onto bread.  And of course I was grumbling about why I had to do it, what about their families and I bet no on else's daughter had to do this, THAT early in the morning and it's not like they even let me play with them during training.  We lived at Nu'u and my dad would be at Lynns shop at opening time ready to pick up 20 loaves of fresh baked bread and raro for the cooler of drink I would make.  Dad was always very involved with the Rugby Union and the Referee association.  In his youth he played for Moata'a club and was assistant coach with auntie Marina when we returned to Samoa in 1990.  I remember having all the Manu Samoa jerseys in boxes at our house one year and asking my dad if I could have one.  His raised eyebrow was the only answer he gave, and the only one I needed!  He taught me to love this game as he did.  Home work was done on the fields at PloyTech Vaivase or Apia Park watching scrums, line outs and listening to the boys joke around.  If I was lucky I'd be allowed to run around with them in my tatty shorts and equally tatty t-shirt(much to my mothers displeasure!)

Recently my cousin called me a groupie and I wasn't very happy with this name association - I started wondering if other people dared think this of me.  Groupies whether it is fair or not, to me, conjures up a negative image of people especially women.  I don't follow around the Manu Samoa team to meet the team players and get their autographs.  I don't lie in hope of certain advances being made as is the image a groupie would suggest nor do I go out of my way to befriend them for status.  I have a passion for the game, I have a desire to see the team do well and dominate world wide which I have always held the belief they could do.  There are people who love to shop for clothes, others love to drink, some collect cars, stamps etc etc.  I LOVE to watch our Manu Samoa live in person(both 7's and 15's) if possible and to cheer the team on with all my heart and soul.  There is nothing like the heart thumping adrenaline rush as you watch a strategy unfold before you, the gasps and winces as bodies crunch from well placed (sometimes not so well placed) tackles.  The unified joy at a score, the uproar of disbelief at a referees bad call and the intimacy of 1000's of people.  I am not a groupie, I am part of the passion that fuels our team.  I am a part of something bigger than myself, a network of belief that runs through the oceans from one Samoan to another, that celebrates our defeats and our triumphs, that no matter how bad the odds or the results, I am a part of the Faith that knows we will soldier on brick wall and all.  Please don't mistaken me for anyone other than a proud Samoan who loves the game and who has been blessed with the chance to live both my father's and my own dreams.

Faamalosi Manu! :)

Friday, 15 July 2011

The 2 blogs and a Countdown

Not only am I returning to blogging complete with new blog name and theme etc etc etc.  I'm going to run 2 blogs at the same time (hahahaha...but yes I am serious).

The other blog's name has been changed to reflect it's true purpose; the story of our boring lives for our families and friends.  Who knows how long my ADD will be able to handle this new impossible task but I reckon it's worth it, especially with my declining interest in FB of late.  Oooh Blog Status updates - holy cow, what a wonderfully annoying idea ;)

I thought I would start a countdown till no work for 3 weeks(technically no work but the bossman has already  said he may call in an will probably be something along the lines of "Our internet's not working, what do we do?")

5 more sleeps till we go on holiday to Koh Samui Thailand, yippee!

13 more sleeps till Geneva, Switzerland...

14 more Sleeps till Marseille, France...

20 more sleeps till London, UK...

Excited much?!  By the way I think I'm doing a BRILLIANT job limiting my travel and keeping myself occupied in Dubai, doncha think?  I feel like I should be shopping for these trips but I just can't be bovvered.  I detest shopping at the best of times...or at least when it isn't shopping for others.  I was looking through my swimming cossies and wow what a dismal collection!  So on top of my holiday book dilemma, I have a rubbish collection of swimming costumes and no summer dresses which means I may need to sacrifice some of my weekend shopping when I could be doing soul searching things like an appointment at tips and toes or watching an episode of The Good Wife.  Difficult decisions for this part time desperate housewife.  I may need to sleep on it and see what the morning brings :)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Woohoo it's booked!

We stayed up till 2am this morning on a working night and finally booked flights to....Koh Samui island in Thailand, Yippee!  I had made my mind up on Malaysia but unfortunately the flights from here were all booked up because we dragged our feet and by the time we decided to book them, all flights for the dates we have booked off were taken...dammit!  However, I am a great believer in things happen for a reason and now we've secured flights and a suite at Sareeraya Villas & Suites.  All we have to do is get on that plane on Wednesday and we're away!

I'm so so so so excited and even though I am looking forward to the relaxation, I'm also so excited to walk into the markets, make some local friends, stuff my self stupid with all the food, have a daily massage, read, blog, snorkel and be absolutely pampered, priorities right?  So now comes the most difficult task at hand; deciding which of my books I'm going to pack.  I'm a bookworm, I'm known to carry 2 books in my bag if my diary is at home and at one point and much to the distress of my right arm and biceps I had 4 fairly thick, heavyweight contenders in there.  This year, something terrible happened.  For reasons unbeknown to myself and the many consulted doctors, I stopped reading.  I wanted to read, I remembered the high of turning the first page of a brand new book and inhaling the heady scent of the untouched pages.  The excitement to find out if I had deduced correctly or perhaps the discomfort of feelings that certain passages evoked.  But I just could not keep my eyes on a page for more than a few seconds and my brain could not and would not engage!

So I did what any sane person in my predicament would do, I continued buying books and storing them for when I would be cured of this awful affliction.  ANWAY (in case you didn't notice I have a bad habit of digressing frequently and most importantly sometimes I don't return to my original point) consequence, I have roughly (*counts from the couch*) 68 books which I have not read.  68 Books to choose from, how am I going to decide which ones are the perfect ones?  I think 5 is a good solid number.  I take about 7 when I go home or 2 to the UK(because they have fabulous bookshops and I can replenish whenever I need!)  But for 8 days and so many genres to pick from, which 5 are THE 5?  Plus I don't know what kind of mood I'll be in when I get there.  I need some suggestions, any and all are welcome!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Holiday Plans

From Santorini Greece and Venice Italy, I'm now looking in the complete opposite direction at maybe a resort in Malaysia, Thailand or Syechelles.  I toyed with the idea of NYC or Hawai'i but for the limited 8 days that we have, I don't think we'll scratch the surface of either.

I was getting anxious and stressy trying to make the holiday a perfect blend of culture and relaxation but last night came to a realisation.  We need some alone time to recoup, regather ourselves and rejuvenate.  Living in Dubai has a lot of wonderful attributes but it also saps the life out of you.  Working in this environment is difficult because the working culture is so very different to that which we are used to so holidays are a must.  We haven't taken a holiday in years, we travel a lot but it's not what you would call a holiday.  There's always someone to see, something to attend and things to take care of.  So this is a real holiday for the both of us, a gift from ourselves to each other :)

I'm so excited to finally see what we'll end up choosing!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

One morning I woke up...

Once upon a sandy day in the desert, I realised I wasn't spending enough time in my Dubai flip flops and needed to spend much more quality time with R in one place, maybe start trying for a wee bambino instead of travelling so much.  So I stayed put, only travelling for necessary emergencies you know like, Rugby Sevens circuit.

Fast Forward almost a year and I was bored out of my mind.  I would literally count the minutes on the clock, willing them to move faster to 5.30 when my play date R would finish work and I could organise wonderful excursions for the evening.  Alas, after 12 months it became increasingly apparent that my daily natural high at 5.30pm was not a compatible match for R's natural despair at 5.30 after work.  This I was able to deduce from a few things such as:

  • The length of time I would be waiting for R to change out of his work clothes only to find him fully clothed and snoring in the bedroom.
  • I was encouraged to go out and shop shop shop for my very favourite things in the world - House bits and bobs which led to a house furnishing budget increase - Oh did I go NUTS!
  • The steady increase of television series on our server -  mostly things I loved to watch.

I decided it was high time to job hunt.  When the chance came to work temporarily, I jumped at it.  Admittedly I was a bit reticent as it was R's place of work but since it was only for a few weeks to help the new company get on it's feet, why not?

Ten months later, I'm still working temporarily with the perk of working only 3 days a week that I want (I absolutely refused to work more - I had to fit in the stuff I used to do over 5 days in 2...hard life)  I recently got a 50% pay rise and it came with a shed load of stress and late nights.  The days of answering phone calls and filing are long gone and I now do project managing(badly) office manager(like Hitler) Travel consultant(pretty okay) Public Relations (I think I terrify the Governmental departments, but not on purpose...honest!) Accounts (bwahaha) and a host of all the shite jobs that some daft duck or should I say penguin like me gets shafted with.

Apparently I don't seem to get stressed, cool as a cucumber, that's me...apparently.  We have a sister office in South Africa where they have 20 more employees than us and have 4 different people doing my various roles.  Funny(not of the haha variety) thing is, I still do all the travel, visa and project management for 10 of their consultants.  It's fair to say work takes up a lot of my life and that I am feeling the bloody stress.

So we're going on holiday.  The time's been booked off and we did have a plan, however that's been blown out of the water and hopefully the next time I'm here, I'll be calm and serene because the holiday would have magically sorted itself out and work somehow magically managed to pull the cork out of their...use your imagination ;)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Blog look

I love working on my blog template...My blog name surprise surprise doesn't come with a ready template to use nor does inserting just any old picture do the trick so I'm finally about half way there.  Still need to source some more pics and experiment on the html code but I have a little cheat that I like to pull out now and then.  I call him the R.  Payment for services will be extracted in uninterrupted computer time for certain time period.  I plan on being at the bookshop or baking or perhaps at a Zumba class to keep my side of the bargain. 

I love the clean lines, but I especially like the cute penguin - looks cheeky, a lot like my cousin swissy and the leader of the pack roman savage.  This blog may just make it past the first week, especially as I'm writing, okay since R is writing some of the code, need to make the most of his efforts hey.  

Looking forward to blog stalking like I used to.  I miss the community and the crazy witty-isms by Fagogo Samoa, the rofl she DIDN'T What Really Goes On Under the Coconut Tree and everybody else.  Let the stalking aka procrastination aka wet myself laughing moments begin!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Greetings from head penguin Betty

I used to love blogging. Then I fell into a little rut, a combination of de-motivation, laziness, too much going on and laziness...I said that already? Well it just can't be said enough because boy was I lazy.

So let's start with what all the blog help information tell you to do; something about introducing a theme and aim of my blog. That might prove a bit difficult since I don't really have one. So how about I skip to the why, I'm blogging because I like to chat and here is as good as anywhere. It's somewhere to laugh and despair at myself, about myself and about all those grey areas that I unconsciously wonder into . I live on a desert where friends can be fickle, sometimes in abundance and other times in low supply plus the husband has learnt the old trick of saying yes and appearing interested whilst not listening to anything I say, cunning basket ;) In short this is one of those selfish "all about me" whine about everything and throwing stones whilst living in a glass house types of blogs. What's that you say? Well yes, it does indeed sound like I am going to fit right into the world of blogging...again for the umpteenth time :) Hooray for me!